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Gem Water 

Endless power bank of energy, wellness and true beauty ! Our bottle will inspire your drinking water so that it affects both body and soul. Turn your water into a Gemstone Elixir and start cleansing, recharging and reviving yourself inside out.

Each gem, by nature, has a unique energetic charge as well as powerful vibrations, and water being super sensitive easily absorbs these vibrations. Although sometimes the gems don't come in direct physical contact with the water, the vial maintains their power of vitalizing the surrounding water, acting like a natural prism for the crystal's radiant energy.

Set your heart free and raise your vibration with the Just B Loved Bottle : According to age-old traditions, rose quartz and clear quartz crystals in this blend are perfect for providing clarity, love, and a lightness of the soul.

+ Rose Quartz: This roller is powered by the energy of rose quartz, a crystal known for healing the heart chakra so you can give and receive unconditional love and positive energy.

+ Clear Quartz is a stone for clarity and perception

How to Use

Feel the positive vibrations of crystals and quench your thirst in style with this beautiful piece of Jewelry for Water. it’s believed that when your heart chakra is aligned and balanced, love and compassion are flowing freely—both in terms of giving it out and getting it back. “Your good vibes are practically contagious,And as its name implies, is all about the love. it’s the awakening to spiritual awareness, forgiveness, and service.

What We Use


  • Safety- Your bottle includes a glass cylinder with a lid and a handcrafted gempod (bottom piece). Handle those parts with the same care as you would handle a precious glass-made drinking vessel. 
  • PLEASE be aware that they are made of glass. Handle them with the same care as a precious wine glass. Avoid impacts, blows or strokes. Don't drop it. Don't freeze, boil or microwave it. Avoid temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius and above 35 degrees Celsius.
  • Before each use make sure your bottle and especially the gempod is free of damages. If it has cracks or other damages, STOP USAGE immediately. Damaged products are not safe for usage and may cause physical harm. If you have swallowed and pieces from your product SEEK IMMEDIATE MEDICAL ATTENTION!
  • Cleaning- Please clean the bottle thoroughly prior to your first usage. The glass bottle, upper lid and the gempod should be washed by hand. The glass part of the gempod is screwed into the lower lid and can be unscrewed (gently!) for cleaning purposes. To remove limescale, use a squeeze of lemon juice or vinegar essence. Rinse the glass thoroughly afterwards.
  • Prevent Leakage-
  • If you believe that your bottle might be leaking, please check if :  -both the upper lid and the gempod are screwed tightly and evenly on the glass part.
  • There is no water running between the glass part and the gempod while you fill your bottle - spilled water in that gap may lead to the impression of leakage.
  • Both the upper lid and the gempod have a (colourless) silicone washer inside.

Who Should Use It

100 % Natural Therapeutic Stones
Rose Quartz - Clear Quartz

Superior Quality + Next Day Delivery + Certified Genuine Crystals + Save the Ocean with each bottle Benefits :

  • Distinct improvement of tap water quality
  • Neutralization of harmful substances
  • Improvement of the pH-value and oxygen content
  • Increase in bio-availability of minerals
  • Raise of energy balance
  • Increase of vital powers

Charge your crystal Bottle: 

Crystals can be held under running water, as you do so, hold the intention that all negativity will be washed away and the crystal reenergized. Placing the bottle in the Light of the Sun or Moon for a few hours can also recharge them. Certain crystals have the ability to cleanse other crystals like the beautiful clear Quartz already in your bottle!







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