Surrounded by natural beauty and endless spiritual healing Au Naturel welcomes you to a place to explore within !

We from Just B Au Naturel are proud to present to you the exclusive Au Naturel Studio located at the spiritualty charged Goa.

Au Naturel offers a space to escape the daily grind and recharge your energy and vibe through the healing benefits of massage therapy. We are a new concept in how you experience massage and unlike traditional spas that offer a time out, we offer a time in.

Inspired by nature, designed keeping in mind, raw elements and natural materials to create an eco-chic conscious space.
We offer you an idyllic beach side space,a quiet spot to disconnect from the outside world and connect within, a place to uplift your spirit and nourish the body. A ritualistic range of organic skincare, formulated with impeccably sourced, highly vibrant whole plant ingredients, picked at their peak following the lunar cycle for unmatched transparency, purity and results.




THE VISION at Just B was to create a range of highly potent and sacred products, which channel the raw remedial power of Nature, using her most ancient and purest sources of energy – plants, flowers, herbs - and crystals proving that results-driven products and spa treatments can go hand-in-hand with the highest standards of natural and ethical  integrity.

Based on the Lunar Harvesting traditions 
Gemstone Infused Organic Oils mixed
Therapeutic Grade Chakra Balancing Essential Oils.

Drawing on Asian traditions, through timeless-inspired healing methods, the artisanal skin care products are handcrafted blends of certified organic healing herbs, roots and wild-harvested botanicals that integrate healing traditions mixed with local indigenous active ingredients.

All our massage therapists are certified or licensed.
Each member of our team has been expertly trained to ensure proper delivery and safety for our customers.

Come and discover soulful therapies at the Au Naturel Spa where every treatment is designed and destined to make you feel alive. 

Just B Au Naturel products and Au Naturel Treatments are designed to promote noticeable change in skin, Mood and emotion in those that experience them – both through touch and smell surrounded by awe-inspiring, natural beauty and endless spiritual healing.

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Holistic Wellness Treatments



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    Au Naturel Apothecary 
    Holistic Well-being Shop & Spa 

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    Location : Ashwem Beach , Goa 


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