Just B Au Naturel | Private Label | Create a new collection of effective organic & natural skincare  formulations with practices founded on sustainable principles of high quality and environmental sensitivity. We aim to be your trusted guide on the journey to creating a natural beaut brand, providing clinically tested formulations that deliver visible results while fostering a deep connection with nature.

Our brand is a representation of us, authentic, knowledgeable, and devoted to the art of crafting exceptional skincare products. Develop a complete line of holistic skin care products that balance the skin to achieve lasting radiant beauty our flower, herb and mineral-based formulations for the face, body and hair , complemented by a collection of age defying products that repair the skin. 

Au Naturel Alchemy |  Plant Medicine | Rare Botanical Plant Oils | Star Product  is the ''Natural Dedorant" 
From the beginning of human history, individuals across cultures and belief systems have looked to the sky for meaning and The call for plant medicine in today’s culture is a symbol of humanity returning to its source.We combine the transformative power of nature and the art of alchemy to create luxurious, effective, and environmentally conscious products. Our formulations are enriched with rare and precious botanicals, fresh flowers, healing herbs, medicinal mushrooms, and bio active marine extracts and take pride in crafting our products using only certified organic, plant-forward regenerative ingredients.

Au Naturel Apothecary | Holistic Wellbeing Treatments for the mind, body and soul. Call us to book a therapy | Only in Goa 

Born out of our love and appreciation of nature and established as a way to create awareness that helps reinforce the fact that beauty and wellness go together and should impact individuals and society positively.

We hope to bring purity, energy and balance into everyday life through the creation of natural and organic products that are as effective as they are ethical: no-compromise skin and body care with the ability to awaken, transform and heal. Be assured our brand has a heart and soul.


Look GoodDo GoodFeel Good  

We follow the highest manufacturing standards with passion! Au Naturel is a family owned and operated business. Our super foods are made in an FDA registered and GMP certified facility. Made in India with certified organic herbs, wild harvested plants Our products contain zero fillers, binders or flow agents. Lab tested for purity and efficiency. Clinically tested for sensitive, reactive skin.

 Our vision is to create naturally safe effective skin products that are  innovative, transparent, yet socially responsible that reflect the company’s social and environmental commitment. 

Our passion is for both beauty and the environment. Beauty to us is not just about making you look good, but it's also about how well it can make you feel, and we feel great when we make earth-conscious choices! With our community fair trade values, our knowledge and passion, we formulate 100% Non-toxic, chemical free skincare that make your skin healthier, brighter, and you happier! Discover safe, effective natural and organic skincare because only the purest ingredients create holistic remedies for the MIND, BODY & SOUL. 


Bubbles Singh, Skin Chef, Founder

My relationship with holistic health and natural skincare started almost 25 years ago when I started developing physical ailments and skin problems not to mention the stress, anxiety and low productivity levels. Having been to pre-med school, I already knew it wasn’t medicine I was looking for! Driven by my passion for nature and armed with a diploma in skincare and a great love for Bach Flower Remedies, I started researching for natural remedies.I further honed my skills in Skincare Formulation, UK and after years of extensive research on developing the perfect skin formulations and undergoing extensive trials on amazing human beings, I created my line of pure, natural skincare products - Just B Au Naturel.

Determined to leave this world a beautiful place for future generations, I believe, I will be a lifelong learner and with all this in the background, I want to bring the goodness, purity and magic of nature to everyone who wants to get closer to a holistic and healthy lifestyle. Recycle, respect all life, and always prefer the road less travelled!

Simrita Singh, Managing Director, Founder 

A high-energy, nature-lover and animal rightist at heart, inspired by change and new experiences. With a Masters degree, I have worked with a variety of organizations for profit and not for profit!  From the United Nations addressing social causes like HIV, food security, nutrition and sustainable agriculture, gender equality and women’s empowerment (UN Women, UN FAO-Food & Agriculture, UNAIDS, MDG's) to Marketing for various Luxury brands in India (Louis Vuitton Moet Henessey: Tag Heuer, Dior Watches, Emilio Pucci, Roberto Cavalli, Missoni, Versace).  For me, it has been a mixture of always working towards the good, looking good and now with my new business, at last feel good!  

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