Giving Back

Blue Beauty: The New Sustainable Beauty Movement (and how it can protect our oceans)

Blue beauty is all about limiting our plastic wastage, making it easier to recycle and protect our oceans from chemicals found in our beauty products. Our entire line of beauty products is created keeping in mind the “Blue Beauty” Agenda, Plastic – free is our aim, and we are slowly working towards it. We are all in this together!



 From Green Beauty to Blue Beauty 

  • We only sell 100% clean  green, natural and organic skin care products.
    The companies we work with share our passion for sustainability and conduct their business accordingly.
  • We Brand with Purpose using Simple, Recyclable and eco-friendly packaging material.
  • Carefully Choose Suppliers - We do our research and source suppliers who follow environmentally sustainable practices.
  • Recycle Reduce Reuse - We re-use shipping supplies (like bubble wrap and any plastics) that we receive from our suppliers and others; we do not buy our own plastic. We re-use boxes.
  • Our Packaging is refillable or reusable for another purpose and we fully support customers and retailers who encourage the return of bottles for recycling purposes.

  Charity Projects


We join hands with Reef Watch Marine Conservation to be a voice for our oceans.  Formulated for a cause, we have created the  ‘ I SEA YOU COLLECTION’ with our exclusive new product  ‘OLIVE SQUALANE’ OIL.

Just B Au Naturel, a sustainable beauty brand addresses the devastation caused by sourcing Squalene, an ingredient that comes from shark liver and is used in cosmetics as a hydrating element.  We aim to build awareness around Squalene and the brand works with a plant-based alternative Olive and  researching on renewable sugar cane, which results in a high-performance ingredient that doesn’t destroy marine environments. We aim to help bring attention to plant-based Squalane,  as a healthy alternative.

** Proceeds from this collection will go to Reef Watch’s program that educates underprivileged children about our seas and marine life.



Strongly committed to reducing our environmental impact plant trees with us in collaboration with the Nanhi ChaanFoundation, ( Our goal is to plant a tree for every order you place with us online, and we hope to plant at least 365 trees yearly. You will now have the option of planting a tree every time you shop with us and give towards a greener earth. Join the 'Just B Green' Initiative as we come together with like-minded green companies to simply GIVE a little to Earth for all she has given us  Plant a tree now 



  You Recycle! We Reward!

 We constantly strive to maintain a low carbon footprint, use eco-friendly packaging and follow a strict recycling program. A part of the Just B Green initiative we help people understand how they can make a difference by doing more of the ‘3Rs’: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Recycle & Be Rewarded! For every 3 jars you give us back we will give you a 10% on your next bill.



  The  'JUST B GREEN ' Initiative

Environmental responsibility is addressed as part of the Company’s Just B Green Initiative. We support small charity projects and continuously strive to do more for them everyday. This coming season, with every purchase you make at, you're helping to contribute to some pretty amazing initiatives; and yes, you are allowed to feel good about that when you shop with us! It’s an old Native American tradition that when you take something from the Earth, you put something back and we plan to do exactly that. 

Just B Au Naturel
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