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The Just B Green Initiative : : Preserving the environment is only the starting point. What we really want to do is to make a positive, constructive contribution. With every purchase you make at, you're helping contribute to an amazing  tree planting initiative. Join the ‘Just B Green’ initiative as we come together with The Nanhi Chaan foundation to give back to the Earth or work with us  in working towrds Trash Free Seas. Beach cleanups raise public awareness to the threat of debris more effectively than in less participatory public education programs, multiple studies show. Volunteers say the cleanups make them more mindful of how they dispose of their own disposables.

It’s an old Native American tradition that when you take something from the Earth, you put something back and we plan to do exactly that! 

Just B Green

The Nanhi Chaan foundation  supports and strengthens smaller, grassroot communities and organisations. Thefoundation is a unique bridge between those that want to help people and the grassroots agencies that are changing lives. They believe in the support of emergency aid and critical services, and development of projects and programs that encourage social inclusion, empowerment and sustainable change for the people.The Nanhi Chaan Foundation : 

Why you should plant trees through us

Why you should  Plant Trees Through Us ?
Just B Au Naturel  in partnership with The Nanhi Chaan foundation is focused towards 
conserving the environment by taking small steps towards the conservation of world's most valuable but fragile ecosystem of Himalayas through well planned plantation projects. Through this initiative ‘ Just B Green’  the beneficiary foundations can work more efficiently and we can  help them achieve their targets effectively toward environmental conservation for sustainable development with the great efficiency.
Himalayan ecology has blessed human race with the ability to sustain lives and develop cultures by living together in communities. The Majestic Himalayas are not merely just the range of mountains but a cradle of Indian civilization and  have always had great influence over Indian culture and of course over environment. In working towards mutual goal of sustainability through environmental conservation it is essential that we all should make commitment to ourselves towards conservation of fragile and diverse ecologies like Himalayan ecology which holds enormous value for us, the human race.
Humans have the strength that cannot be measured, it may be towards destruction or it may be towards conservation. All we need is to grow our perspective and make certain shifts in it. It is us who still can create the legacy of sustainable development once again, for ourselves and for our future generations.
The reasons why we support  plantation projects in the Himalayan regions  
1. Case of climatic disasters like floods, landslides and drought will go down through well planned plantation: Under our plantation projects we hold plantation of deciduous (broad leaf) trees which are responsible for increasing efficiency of the soil's water holding capability.
This way we will not only be able to create natural water recharge points but will also be able to decrease the case of landslides in the area and droughts and floods in the river originating from here; which includes world's most populated river basin of Ganga. 
2. Well planed Plantation will be beneficial to heal the Health of Glaciers in Himalayan Region: With major number of glaciers which are origin the rivers like Indus, Ganga, and Yamuna Himalayan regions are called "Water tower of Asia". If proper plantation projects are implemented in hill regions of Himalayas it will also improve health of our major Glaciers which provide origins to many major rivers. This will improve the monsoon cycle of Indian continent and also improve ability of Glaciers to hold water. 
3. Plantation will also improve life of the native residents of Himalayas: Under our projects of plantation we promote plantation of deciduous (broad leaf) trees which contribute to the ecology and also to the economy of villagers. 
After when the plantation becomes mature it will bring the food and fodder to the local villagers and rural women will be able to invest their effective time and energy for much more productive works, more even it will promote them to conserve the fragile but rich ecology of Himalayas.
4. Carbon Credit policy is going to help us in future to inspire rural people to hold plantation and get benefited through eco-economy: As creating eco-economy for the sustainable development for all is our concern we are looking forward when the carbon credit policy will be implemented in the Himalayan Regions. Carbon Credit policy is an outcome of Kyoto protocol where 37 countries of the world signed the protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC). 
Under this protocol the people who will grow trees in their lands will get carbon credit after 5 years of the tree plantation. Later they can trade carbon credit in the national and International market to the company who are responsible for creating global warming and in return can get money. So this is a great policy which will promote social forestry and promote poor farmers to care and nurture their trees. We are expecting it to be launched very soon as a lot more work is going on it.
5. Including local self help Group and rural people: We hold our plantation projects with local self help groups and other local social groups, through this we are able to provide some financial aid to hold better plantation projects the locals and also develop a great platform of knowledge sharing which will encourage locals over how environmental conservation can bring essential positive changes in their lives and this inspires them to conserve it. 
6. Inspiring Individuals and providing them basic knowledge over environmental conservation: Other than plantation we make special endeavour towards creating environmental awareness in the masses. We always take enough efforts that we get maximum number of involvement of the people who are inspired enough towards environmental conservation. We have growing number of volunteers who are always ready to do any task related to environmental conservation with sheer commitment. We provide them basic but very effective knowledge over how by just making simple changes in their regular day to day habits they can become environment activists. 
7. Developing a Credible Platform to bring effectiveness and efficiency: Low transportation and harsh weather conditions has created any endeavour in Himalayan hill regions a tough job. Not many organizations are active in Hill regions of Himalayas. Even if few committed organizations are working in hills they are working with very low efficiency because they lack in communication with outer world.
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