Less is the new more.

By  Just B Au Naturel |   | Posted in " Feel Good "

Less is the new more 

How much do we need? How much should we need? I think a hell of a lot less !!!!! I like things – a lot. I like having a nice car and nice furniture and books and clothes and shoes and beauty products. Actually, to be honest, I love things. but, is life about things? No. It’s about moments and people and feelings and adventures and learning and love and hugs and sunrises and picnics and compassion and making a difference. Which is why as much as I love things – it feels good to simplify.

Less is the new more.

Less in your closet and less on your plate

One key to staying content in life is to learn the power of letting go.

If you’ve ever fantasised about selling everything you own and paring down your possessions to the bare essentials, you’re probably familiar with minimalism. But it’s about more than just de-cluttering—it’s about getting rid of all clutter, permanently. Minimalism isn’t about empty white rooms with hardly any furniture. It’s about removing all the things that distract us from what’s important in our lives.It is a lifestyle that values experiences more than possessions.

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