EARTH DAY INITIATIVE : Adopt an Island - Bring Life to Hauz Khas Lake

By  Just B Au Naturel |   | Posted in " CLIMATECHANGE, givingback "

Just B Au Naturel, is is a small socially responsible business that firmly believes, Planet Earth’s future is going to be determined by mankind’s activity and at this very moment our own very existence is under threat due to our own disregard of our environment.  Environmental responsibility is addressed as part of our ‘Just B Green Initiative’ as we believe it is our responsibility to enforce honest, healthy and sustainable business practices that promote a greener environment, safer products and socially responsible citizens. 

Strongly committed to reducing our environmental impact starting this earth day we would like offer our fellow green beings the possibility to dissolve the boundaries and experience the sense of unity with nature by joining  us ,  I say organic & Evolve Engineering to help clean up the Hauz Khas Lake by building wetlands.

It is to a new approach to solving India's water pollution woes. Instead of building more failing sewage treatment plants let's turn our existing lakes and rivers into water-purifying wetland ecosystems that can cope with the amount of waste we dump inside. At this event you will learn to make floating wetlands, which are basically different aquatic plants placed on a buoyant mat built from drainage pipes and used soda bottles. When placed in water bodies, these wetlands purify water and sewage by absorbing significant levels of manganese, iron, aluminium and other contaminants through their roots and foliage, promote reduction in algae and improve the overall ecosystem function. Help India breathe and drink again by learning and helping us to build wetlands to keep Hauz Khas Lake clean. Email us @ for more information 


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