Why do Quality & raw Ingredients matter so much ?

By  Just B Au Naturel |   | Posted in " Look Good, Our Ingredients "

The Quality of the ingredients is everything when it comes to creating pure and functional skin care. We carefully assess each ingredient and formulate only with the most potent organic botanicals (oils, butters, essences, herbs, glycerin etc.) and premium natural salts, clays and some other ingredients that come straight from nature and are not synthesized or processed in any way (for example, baking soda or pumice). Most of our ingredients are food grade (except clays, some salts and some oils). Our ingredient panel in most cases sounds like your health food store shopping list! That's why our products are so nourishing to your skin - they are true, pure skin food.

What's important, our carrier oils, butters and botanicals are also raw, unprocessed and loaded with antioxidants helping hydrate your skin, prevent signs of premature aging, and support your skins health. Ingredients that have been processed (refined, deodorized, bleached, etc. to achieve longer shelf life and smoother texture) have little or nothing to offer to your skin.

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